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About Us

AMW was founded in 2020, inspired by the creativity, talent and passion of young emerging, and established artists around the world.  The mission for our virtual gallery is to introduce art for the first time to the world and to create an opportunity for collectors, art enthusiasts and educators to discover and appreciate the innovative, visionary expression coming from our artists.

Our commitment is to support and protect our artists while providing them with a clear path and encouraging environment to become a truly independent creator.
Our mission imparts confidence in our artists, allowing them to focus on their creative journey while we support their sales and marketing.  With the world evolving towards more personalized and integrated online access, discovering and acquiring new art has never been easier.
Through our interactive virtual gallery, we want to enable richer, more intimate
connections between the artist and their patrons. Entirely new dimensions of meaning open up in this relationship by learning about their stories, inspirations and motivations.

AMW is especially proud to introduce one of our undiscovered artist, Xin Xin and her student’s works of art and the creation of AMW Chinese Art Scholarships Fund. Proceeds from the sale of the student’s amazing artwork will create new opportunity to serve countless deserving students to nurture and explore the wonders of art. We welcome your support of this vital mission to inspire their souls through art.

Join us on our journey in giving emerging and undiscovered artists a path to fulfilling their dreams and art enthusiast a place you can find the art that you love. Art that you can’t live without.

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